Sunday, March 15, 2009


I'm not going to prom. I naturally don't need a prom dress.

But I'm going to make one anyways. For the heck of it.

Late last night as my eyelids drooped from the promise of sleep, I kept my eyes wide open while I scoured the far reaches of the World Wide Web's fashion world for dress ideas. Rather than looking through patterns first, I decided to look for inspirations from already existing dress designs. I started off with looking at the typical prom dress stuff. After thirty dresses or so, they all started to look the same--blingy rhinestones, colossal flounces, tiaras, shiny fabric in varied colors of monotone brilliancy resembling shades of highlighter pens... "I AM PROM!" they all seemed to shout (or discharge). I stopped looking at prom dresses, changed to looking at dresses in general, and found more success there.

My Finds!

They're all unconventionally short and, with the exception of the last one, unconventional prom dresses. Just my cup of tea. My excitement grew as I managed to find patterns for all of them. With a few tweaks to the patterns and the right material, successful recreations of my new finds could be created.

Wait. Finds as in singular or plural?

Midnight struck its tolling tones, and I paused the flurry of mental images of well-known fabric stores, beads, baubles, the stray thought tinged with guilt about the cost, and yards and yard of chiffon, charmeuse, and silk dupioni.

I can only choose one dress. Choose? I like them all equally. How do I choose? What a predicament.

I questioned myself, "What would your dream dress be?"

The previous system overload fantasy immediately blackened. The emerald green dress--a single dress--from the movie Atonement immediately swooshed its delicate silk form into my mind from memories of me sitting in awe in the movie theatre. it seems that I'm going to recreate that dress.

So far, I've devoted five minutes to it.

Plus, I've found a possible pattern for it.

More updates to come.


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