Monday, April 20, 2009

My Kasia Skirt

I have my own Kasia skirt! Many thanks to Burdastyle for this wonderful--and more importantly, FREE--skirt pattern. Most of the patterns from that site have some quirky detail to them that interestingly sets them apart from Butterick, McCall, and Simplicity. I've constructed a list of bookmarks of patterns from that site and hope to make all of them one day, some day, eventually...

Because it's a free download, I had to construct the pattern. Although it sounds like a hefty amount of prep work, it didn't really take that much effort to print out the pattern, match up the marking on the individual pages to create the cohesive pattern, tape the papers in place, and then trace my size. I've never made anything from Burda or Burda-related before (I'm assuming that BurdaStyle is affiliated with Burda?), so I was apprehensive about just choosing a size and then running with it with my fashion fabric. Therefore, I sat for about five hours or so and made a muslin, which turned out well except for these hideous bunched gathers for the hip panels. I have no evidence of those gathers on my final skirt! (Come to think of it, I really show have taken a photo of me wearing the muslin.)

Well, um, the final skirt somehow ended up being tighter than the muslin. Consequently, I'll have to decline invitations to situations which require excessive sitting, eating, or climbing if I'm wearing this skirt. Not that I would go climbing or hiking in a skirt, but an unplanned flight of stairs might have to be taken slower than normal.

Overally, though, I'm happy with the print, the style, and especially that I got to use buttons! Not only are they clear (and unfortunately lose their details against the busy print in photographs), but they encase thin strands of dried blades of grass! Pretty cool.


  1. The buttons sound cool!

  2. i really like the fabric!!

  3. I just popped over from pattern review because I loved the fabric on your skirt and wanted to read more about it. You've got great style, lovely quirky things .. I wish I could just copy the lot, sadly I have the complete opposite figure type from you .. so I will have to content msyelf with vicarious enjoyment ...