Saturday, April 25, 2009

Second Kasia Skirt

I completed my second version of Burdastyle's Kasia Skirt today! At this rate, I might have a whole separate closet full of Kasia skirts in various lengths,buttons, trims, etc. Even though this is only the second time that I've made the skirt, I'm quickly realizing how versatile it is.

This time I used cotton ikat, a gift from my grandmother, and wonderful clock buttons from JoAnn's. I had actually eyed the clock buttons multiple times before on my trips to that store, but I never knew what to do with them. They seemed perfect for this project. The cotton ikat has a slight sophisticated, older feel to it; and I figured that if I paired it with the buttons, it would achieve my desired look of making it something along the lines of modern sophistication.

I think this version fits better. I made it one size larger, but I also had to increase the seam allowance to 1 inch. It's not as high-waisted as my other Kasia skirt, but I can sit more comfortably and stick my hands in the pockets.