Monday, July 6, 2009

Europe Post #2

Here are the few photos that I took when I was at the Musee des Art Decoratif's exhibit on Madeleine Vionnet. I passed through the first floor with no problems, but I was yelled at on the second floor by a grumpy security guard (who later yelled at two other groups of tourists in other exhibits). Consequently, I only have photos from the first floor, and even these photos reflect just a small portion of what was shown.

Look familiar? This probably was the inspirational doll for Tissus Reine. Vionnet used this doll to create smaller prototypes of her dresses.

The one above looks more spectacular up close. The concept (whose fine details I've currently forgotten) was simple yet genius. The pieces are identical for the front and back.

Possibly my favorite piece.

Beautiful beading. The photo again doesn't do it justice. It almost looked like sand that had been washed upon fine fabric.

I loved nearly every piece, so I think that it would be wise for me to invest in a book with Vionnet's collection. I checked the book shop at the museum, and it sold one for about sixty euros--alas, a bit too high for me. I'm hoping that I can find the identical book somewhere online for less.


  1. Wow, the exhibition looks amazing. I love fashion history!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful comment!

    These dresses are absolutely amazing! I love Paris!

  3. Oh wow! haha...thank you again! My friend did it for her photo project at Brookes College of Photography in Santa Barbara. I let her know that you like it! :)

  4. Oh how fabulous! This reminds me of the upper floor of Colette in Paris with all the frocks displayed on mannequins like a museum! Wonderful post. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm looking to set up a shop soon :) K

  5. These are so gorgeous! I love fashion as art.

    Also, you've gotten one of the spots in my Pay It Forward project! I don't see an email address listed on your blog, so can you send me an email, so that I can get your mailing address? My email is listed on the sidebar on my blog.